Mitchell minxes Ronnie and Roxy head to Walford

Once Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell hit Walford things will probably never be the same again! Stars Samantha Janus and Rita Simons reveal all…

Ronnie (Samantha Janus)

Samantha, you’re Ronnie. What’s she like?

“She’s pretty cool but she has a hidden darkside that’s reflected in her past.”

Where have the sisters been till now?

“They’re Peggy’s nieces, and Phil, Grant and Billy’s cousins. But they haven’t really been in contact since they were teenagers and they’re in their early 30s now.”

What brings Ronnie to Walford?

“Supposedly for Phil’s wedding but she and Roxy turn up late and discover it’s way too late for Stella!”

What’s Ronnie and Roxy’s history?

“They’re very, very close. Ronnie’s had to be a bit of a mum to Roxy because their own mum ran out on them when they were young.”

What’s Ronnie’s first impression of Walford?

“Not great. In fact, she’s distinctly underwhelmed! She and Roxy are used to making an entrance and the punters are in shock because of Stella’s death. Having said that, Deano and Bradley do an immediate double take.”

Does anyone take Ronnie’s fancy?

“It’s more that both of them take men’s fancy. But Ronnie will want to suss people out before she starts fancying anyone.”

How Mitchell-like is Ronnie?

“Both girls are tough. They may look like dizzy blondes but they’re Mitchells through and through.”

Has Ronnie got secrets?

“Of course. Ronnie’s won’t be revealed for a while yet though…”

So are they trouble?

“I think these sisters create a stir wherever they go. You can’t ignore them. You either love ’em or hate ’em.”

Are you excited to be in EastEnders?

“I remember being gripped by Anita Dobson’s Angie Watts back in the 80s. Now I’m working behind the very same bar. I was really nervous to begin with. It’s getting better but Barbara Windsor reckons it takes a year before you really get over your nerves. The only thing I’m worried about is being lynched if Ronnie turns out to be a real baddie!”

Roxy (Rita Simons)

Rita, you play Roxy. What’s she like?

“Loud, mouthy and funny. She’s also really tactless and rubs people up the wrong way.”

Where have the sisters been till now?

“Most recently they’ve been running a bar/club in Ibiza – together of course. They’re almost inseparable.”

What brings Roxy to Walford?

“She’s with Ronnie for the wedding. But you get the impression they’ve had to leave Ibiza because their business is in trouble. And that’s why they’ve really come to Walford.”

What’s Roxy’s history?

“On the surface she and Ronnie have no baggage – no husbands, partners or kids – but there’s far more to them than meets the eye. They’re actually quite dysfunctional because they haven’t made their own lives apart from each other.”

What’s Roxy’s first impression of Walford?

“She and Ronnie walk into the Vic expecting to be noticed immediately. Roxy’s dressed outrageously, especially for a wedding. Ronnie’s marginally more respectable in a suit. It’s like ‘Surprise! We’re here!’ But it falls totally flat!”

Does anyone take Roxy’s fancy?

“Roxy clocks Deano – well, is that surprising? She also takes Bradley under her wing but it’s more of a big sister than a romantic thing.”

How Mitchell-like is Roxy?

“Underneath their girly exterior, both of them are quite aggressive and intimidating. I wouldn’t mess with them.”

Has Roxy got secrets?

“The sisters aren’t sinister exactly but they are quite troublesome. Things will kick off for Roxy quite quickly.”

So are they trouble?

“They get called ‘slags’, ‘slappers’, ‘bimbos’. They don’t care though. Or at least they act like they don’t.”

Are you excited to be in EastEnders?

“I’ve always, always wanted to be a Mitchell. I keep having to touch wood because it’s actually happened! I used to be a singer but I wanted a change of direction after giving birth to my twin daughters 15 months ago.”

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