In EastEnders, whenever a Mitchell family member takes up residence in Albert Square, you can be sure that trouble isn’t far behind. In this case, we’re talking about Louise Mitchell (Tilly Keeper). She’s only been in Walford for a couple of weeks and she’s already got herself into a loads of bother.

Since her arrival she’s blackmailed Abi over her fake pregnancy, used her dad’s credit card for an online shopping splurge and has caused problems for Jay and his new girlfriend Linzi, so it’s no wonder her mum Lisa was glad to see the back of her!

Things get a bit more serious next week, though, when the terrible teen gets caught shoplifting in the Minute Mart!

Phil’s already got enough on his plate as he receives help for his alcohol addiction and associated liver problem, so Jay offers to take Louise for her first day at the local school so Phil can go to his hospital appointment.

However, when Jay returns to the Square, he finds Phil is still at home, struggling with the withdrawal symptoms from alcohol. Jay convinces Phil to go to his appointment and even goes with him to the hospital. But when they arrive, Jay hears that Louise has been in a fight at school. He’s in for a shock though when he goes to pick her up and makes a shock discovery…


Although Phil tells Jay to keep an eye on Louise, she manages to sneak off to the Minute Mart where she helps herself to a bottle of wine. But how does she plan to sneak the booze out of the shop?


Does Louise intend to hide the bottle of plonk in a rolled-up magazine? Maybe that’s why she gets caught red-handed by shop assistant Denise!


Uh-oh! Louise is in big trouble. But rather than call the police, Denise decides to phone the teenager’s dad, Phil. When he arrives, Denise doubts Louise will be punished and decides to call the police anyway!

Will Louise get arrested? Watch this story unfold in EastEnders from Monday, April 18 on BBC1.