Money-grabbing Clare hatches a plan…

Since arriving in Walford, Clare Bates’ little black book is now full of men – but says EastEnders’ newcomer Gemma Bissex, only the ones with cash!

Max catches Clare’s eye. Does she fancy him?

“Fancying him doesn’t come into it with Clare. Max has money and, where men are concerned, money is all Clare cares about. She uses her assets and her sexuality to get money out of men.”

How does she make her move on him?

“She starts sending him anonymous text messages. Her plan is to intrigue him before she reveals who she is.”

And does it work?

“Not exactly. When he finds out the texts were from her he thinks it’s a set up because she works for Tanya. He reckons Tanya is trying to catch him out again.”

What is Clare really up to then?

“Just checking out the local men. She has a little black book and keeps a progress report on all the men she’s targetting, including Max.”

Does she get anywhere with him?

“She assures him it’s nothing to do with Tanya, that she just finds him attractive but he’s not convinced. He tells her ‘You’re the last kind of trouble I need right now’.”

Is she disappointed?

“For a moment… then she moves on to another target!”

Who’s next?

“Ian Beale.”

Surely she’s not that desperate?

“The thing you have to understand about Clare is it really is all about the money. Ian’s the ultra entrepreneur and he’s married which is even better because she doesn’t want any kind of commitment. Ian is easy pickings.”

Doesn’t she crave a normal, loving relationship?

“The funny thing is I don’t think she’s ever been in love. I don’t think she is capable of it. If it did happen it will completely knock her for six.”

So what’s her plan with Ian?

“First she tells him he has a nice body for his age and obviously this really goes to his head. Then she offers to help him with the silver service at his latest function and invites him to dinner at Dot’s so she can show off her skills.”

She obviously doesn’t mean silver service skills! Does it work?

“No, because just as she and Ian are getting close, a drunk Bradley barges in.”

Will she try again?

“Of course… she believes she was close to victory with Ian…”

It’s looking like Clare will be as big a bitch as your last role as Hollyoaks’ Clare. Do you enjoy playing bad girls?

“I love it when people come up to me in the street and call me a bitch. I say ‘thanks a lot’ because I see it as a real compliment. But in real life I’m not like either Clare at all, I promise!”