Natalie Cassidy: ‘Lindsey Coulson is the best actress EastEnders has got’

Natalie Cassidy has returned to EastEnders as Sonia Jackson to be part of a very emotional storyline… And Natalie was full of praise for Lindsey Coulson, the actresss at the centre of the story, when she appeared on the Lorraine show.

“Lindsey is the best actress that EastEnders has got,” said Natalie.

‘I’m not being biased because she plays my mum but I think she’s absolutely incredible and they picked the best person for the role. Hopefully myself and Patsy [Palmer – Bianca] can support her.”

Natalie added that she felt a responsibility to do a good job:
“Cancer touches everybody you talk to; everyone knows someone who has some form of cancer.
I’ve had a family member with cancer, and a dear dear friend had breast cancer.”

Natalie also talked about what it was like returning to the soap.

“It’s just like coming home,” she said. “And I’m very grateful to be back.”


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