Ex-EastEnder Natalie Cassidy has apparently admitted her frustration at missing out on a reunion with her former co-stars Sid Owen and Patsy Palmer.

Sid and Patsy, who play volatile couple Ricky and Bianca in the soap, returned to the Albert Square set last month to film scenes for Frank Butcher’s funeral, following the death of actor Mike Reid in July 2007.

Natalie, who played Bianca’s sister Sonia, told The Sun how she’d have loved to have got in on the act.

Natalie reportedly said: “It was frustrating they came back after I left. It would have been great to work with Patsy again.”

She added: “I feel that door’s closed now and I need to go and do other stuff.”

But she hasn’t completely ruled out a return to Walford.

She said: “Bianca and Ricky have been gone for nine years. They’ve gone out, done their stuff and come back. Maybe in nine years I might go back.”

Natalie released a fitness DVD last year which became the fastest-selling video or DVD ever.

The actress has lost two and a half stone since leaving EastEnders last February.