EastEnders’ newest family headed by actor Danny Dyer have been practising their pint-pulling skills in a real East End pub, ahead of joining the soap on Christmas Day.

Danny will play Mick Carter, the brother of Shirley (Linda Henry), who arrives in Walford to take over the Queen Vic with his family, Linda (Kellie Bright), daughter Nancy (Maddy Hill) and son Johnny (Sam Strike).

But before they take up residence behind one of the UK’s most famous bars, the new EastEnders stars decided it was wise to have a go at their new profession by getting some work experience in a real pub.

All four learnt how pull pints to make sure they would look like naturals on set in Albert Square.

Danny recently said that Mike Reid, who played Frank Butcher, was his inspiration for the role of the pub landlord.

He said: “I just loved everything about him, I loved the fact he was a real east Londoner and he was so funny, but yet he was a really good actor and had a real presence about him, when he was behind the bar you believed it you know and he had that warmth you know, so he was the one for me.”