Nick has murder in mind!

Nick Cotton’s back and he’s ready to put his evil plan into action, reveals Eastenders actor John Altman…

How does Nick think his plan to steal Dot’s money is going?

“As far as Nick’s concerned everything is going to plan. Dotty is his ace card and she’s been doing exactly what he asked her to do.”

How successful does he think he and Dotty will be?

“They make a good team. Before they came to Walford, Nick would con people by using Dotty to get through people’s front doors then he’d rob them. He’s doing the same with Dot.”

Just how bad is Dotty?

“Nick has told her that if they get rid of Dot, Dotty will get all the money. Now she’s getting impatient and wants to take the plan to phase two. She’s been well and truly corrupted by Nick. It was bound to happen.”

Doesn’t Nick have any feelings for Dot after all that she’s done for him?

“Things aren’t good between them. I’m sure deep down he loves her, but he wouldn’t admit it. Maybe he doesn’t even know. Perhaps it’ll strike him at some point during his plan.”

How does he feel about Dotty?

“They have a lot of affection for each other. But you never know… he might even con Dotty. I wouldn’t put anything past Nick.”

How is it being back in the Square?

“It’s so great working with June Brown who plays Dot. We try to inject whatever we can – if there are a couple of lines that don’t sound like Dot or Nick we will kind of change them because we know the characters so well.”

Is there any chance that Nick might have changed?

“He appears mellower these days but trust me, deep down he’s still evil. And he’s clever…”

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