Nina on Zainab and Yusef’s ‘dark, twisted’ love

EastEnders star Nina Wadia has said viewers will be surprised with the love triangle between her character Zainab, ex-husband Yusef and Masood.

Sneaky doctor Yusef (played by Ace Bhatti) currently has a twisted hold over Zainab and her family, but his plan looks set to unravel in the lead-up to Christmas as his ex-wife and her husband Masood (Nitin Ganatra) wise up.

“Let’s just say that what happens is the complete opposite of what you want to see. Zainab and Yusef share a dark and twisted love, and she definitely has feelings for him,” Nina hinted to Inside Soap.

“It’s not true and pure like what she used to have with Masood – and if Yusef manages to get her back to Pakistan, it will be the end for her.”

She added: “I wouldn’t be surprised if Zainab ends up in some sort of home to recover from everything that’s going to happen.”

For now, Nina is content with the prospect of the love triangle.

“My friends keep texting me to say that they’re still rooting for Zainab and Masood. I hope that at some point they see the light, but personally I’m thrilled that two gorgeous men have been fighting over me!” the actress said.