No bedroom scenes for Peggy, says Barbara Windsor

EastEnders star Barbara Windsor has clamped down on plans to ‘sex up’ her character Peggy Mitchell, according to the papers.

The News Of The World reports that the soap’s producers and script executives wanted to spice things up for some of Walford’s older residents, and had written bedroom scenes for Peggy and her new husband Archie, played by actor Larry Lamb.

However their plans have been scuppered by Windsor – who turns 72 this week – after she claimed viewers would not like the idea.

“Viewers don’t want to see a woman my age kissing and being intimate,” Windsor said.

“They only want to see young people they fancy like Stacey (Lacey Turner), God bless her – not me. So I have all that cut.”

Windsor – who has been in the soap for 15 years – added that EastEnders bosses keep trying to add in saucy moments – but she refuses to allow anything inappropriate onscreen between Peggy and Archie.

“Larry and I saw a couple of things in the script and we looked at each other and said, ‘Are you kidding? In the bedroom? No thank you!’ So we had that taken out.

“People know we’re in our late sixties – I mean I’m not, I’m in my seventies – and they don’t want to see that.”

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