On a 1 to 10 scale, Bradley’s hatred for Max is 11

Just the sight of Max is enough to send Bradley crazy, says EastEndersCharlie Clements… But crazy enough to kill him?!

Is Bradley still not talking to Max?

“Not really. There’s this moment when he completely blanks him in the Vic. Max wants to talk to his son, but Bradley turns round and tells him he’s a pathetic father then tells him to ‘get lost’.”

Why is he so angry with him? Is it all about Stacey?

“Max wasn’t there for Bradley when he was growing up so when he came back into his life Bradley thought his dad would try to make things up to him. Instead, he slept with his girlfriend. Bradley tried to put the whole thing behind him and move on, but splitting up with Stacey again has brought it all up again.”

He blames Max for Stacey leaving him again… But why?

“He thinks if Max hadn’t got involved and given Callum a cheque things might not have turned out the way they did. But deep down what really gets Bradley is that Stacey never loved him with the same sort of passion she showed to Max. That really hurts.”

Does he feel Max has wrecked his life?

“At the moment, yes. He thinks that if Max had stuck around and raised him properly his life might have turned out differently. And of course he wonders what would have happened to his marriage had Stacey not cheated with Max.”

Everyone seems to hate Max right now…

Does Bradley?

“He can hardly bear to look at him. In the past he has tried to forge some sort of relationship with Max, but now he’s so angry he’s turned his back on him.”

He’s already attacked Max once… How dangerous could Bradley be?

“Very dangerous if pushed. Bradley’s got a dark side and he’s the type that just snaps. There have already been times when he’s wanted his dad dead…”