Ordinary Lies’ Jo Joyner: ‘I got in trouble for lying as a kid!’ (VIDEO)

Ordinary Lies star Jo Joyner admitted she once got caught out lying as a kid.

As the BBC1 drama reaches its climax on Tuesday night, Jo’s character, Beth, discovers her missing husband, Dave, is in fact alive and well, and living in Margate!

As Beth finds out where Dave’s been hiding all this time, she can’t bring herself to tell him that she’s sleeping with her JS Motors’ boss, Mike, played by Max Beesley.

While Beth’s used to telling lies, ex-EastEnders‘ star Jo admitted that lying was frowned upon at home when she was growing up.

Talking exclusively to whatsontv.co.uk, Jo said: “The one thing we always got in trouble for when we were little was lying. That was the only thing my parents would come down hard on.”

And she recalled one particularly serious lie she told. “When I was six, I had hit my little brother. He’d gone in to my mum and said that I’d hit him and I said: ‘No, I haven’t’, which was just a barefaced lie.

“Later that night, I was sat in the sitting room with my dad and my mum went into the other room with my brother and she was shouting at him, saying: ‘I can’t believe you would lie to me!’ I was just mortified but I later found out that they knew that I was lying and they’d done it to teach me a lesson.”

Jo admitted, though, that the incident hasn’t stopped her telling the odd white lie as an adult.

“I have told white lies definitely – I’m big for that because I hate hurting people’s feelings. But they’re getting more difficult now because of Twitter.”

Ordinary Lies concludes on Tuesday April 21 at 9pm on BBC1.