Owen and Lucas come to blows in the Soap Scoop!

Denise’s pesky ex Owen vows to stop her marrying Lucas as he knows that her fiance killed Trina. And as we all know by now – an EastEnders wedding is never going to go smoothly!

When Lucas borrows Phil’s jag on the big day – unaware that Owen has been sleeping in the back seat – there’s an argument and only one comes out alive!

Meanwhile, in Coronation Street Kevin manages to pull the wool over his wife’s eyes when Sally almost catches Molly and the sneaky mechanic in bed together.

But when Sophie gets close to uncovering their secret too, the pair decide it might be time to reveal their affair to the Street…

And in Hollyoaks, Mercedes’ sample for an HIV test goes missing while Cain throws Charity out in Emmerdale.