Pam learns Les’s shocking secret in EastEnders

Pam Coker has had to put up with a lot during the past few months of EastEnders, with the continual suspicions that husband Les is having an affair with her friend Claudette. But that’s not the half of it…


This week, Billy tells Les that Pam is behaving oddly, and after Donna found Les in his underwear at Claudette’s last week, Les finally decides it’s time to tell Pam the entire truth.


But will he have the guts to tell her the real nature of his relationship with Claudette?


As Les comes clean to Pam about what’s been going on, her world starts to unravel… What has he been up to all this time?

Claudette and Pam talk. What will the revelation mean for them? Watch EastEnders on BBC1, from Monday, October 19.


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