Patsy: ‘Bianca’s frightened the gang will kill Liam’

EastEnders‘ Patsy Palmer reveals to Soaplife how Bianca’s fight to stop Liam joining a gang may end with her losing her son for ever…

Bianca has worked herself up into a terrible state over Liam getting involved with this gang of thugs…
“[Next week] she locks him in his room because she’s terrified something will happen to him if he goes out. She sleeps outside his room and Ray comes round to stay in the house while she goes to work. Thank god she has Ray… He has that hero quality.”

When Bianca gets home from work, the gang is waiting…
“And Bianca tells them that Liam is grounded. Bianca sees them as little kids, but being confronted by a group is scary and she’s frightened at some points.”

Liam tells Bianca it’s her fault he’s turned out like this… Does Bianca think he has a point?
“Bianca does blame herself. She has been in prison twice, she left the kids and Ricky left, too. She feels that had a big effect on Liam because he was really close to his dad.
Will going to the police and pleading with them for help be the answer?
“Bianca thinks that if she gets the police involved they will turn on Liam and treat him as just another thug. That’s the vibe she is getting from them.”

But then Bianca gets so angry with Liam, she slaps him!
“And she feels terrible. She feels guilt, shame and fear that he will tell Social Services.”
What’s her biggest fear?
“That Liam is going to have to hurt someone to be accepted into the gang. That they will hurt him or kill him.”
If Bianca goes to the police, how do you think Liam will react?
“He will be angry and that will change things again. It will also make the gang more angry…”


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