Patsy wants Sid Owen back in Walford

EastEnders star Patsy Palmer has revealed her hopes for a reunion between Bianca and Ricky Butcher.

Ricky – played by Sid Owen – left Albert Square in early 2012 after Patsy’s feisty alter-ego Bianca ended their relationship, although he later returned briefly for his sister Janine’s wedding last summer.

The east london-born actress told Radio Times that Ricky should come back and help Bianca when her teenage son Liam (played by James Forde) joins a gang, saying: “There hasn’t been mention of Ricky yet, but I will put it to the writers that there should be, because he is Liam’s dad. They’re not on bad terms and Liam has gone to stay with him at times.

“And I would like to see Sid come back – there’s a lot of comedy in Ricky and Bianca, and it’s a shame when viewers don’t get to see that on-screen relationship,” she added.

Patsy also said that she would like to have more scenes with Ray Dixon, who plays Chucky Venn, the biological father of her son Morgan. “He’s a great dad. Every time he steps into that house, he’s got that hero quality. I’ve said that it would be nice to have more of Ray around, but not for anything sexual or as a love interest,” she explained.

“Usually in soaps, if there’s a hunky bloke there it has to be about sex. Same if there’s a beautiful woman. But people have got lots of other qualities and I’m sure there are lots of guys who might look at him and think, ‘Yeah, I could be like that and make a real difference’.”

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