Patsy: Why I prefer Ricky and Bianca apart

Patsy Palmer tells of the moment Ricky lets slip he’s Tiffany’s dad… and worse, why she doesn’t really want them to get back together!

How is Bianca feeling about Tony’s trial? Is she worried Whitney might not testify against him?

“She’s putting her own feelings to one side and being very adult. All she wants is to be a good mum for Whitney. She understands Whitney believes Tony loves her but she doesn’t know Tony’s sent Whitney a secret mobile and she’s in touch with him.”

Tiffany breaks the phone and a row erupts. Does Bianca find out the truth?

“She doesn’t but Whitney finds out the truth that Tiffany is not her little sister after all.”

Who tells her?

“Ricky reveals it during the argument over Whitney’s broken mobile phone.”

Is Bianca angry with him?

“Yes. It’s the worst possible time for Whitney to hear that as she’s about to face court. Whitney thought Tiffany was her sister and now Ricky’s taken that from her. Bianca kept it hidden because she didn’t want Whitney to feel like a nobody.”

How does Whitney react?

“She’s devastated and does a runner. She ends up at Ryan’s drunk and in a real state.

What will Bianca do if Whitney won’t testify against Tony and he walks free?

“She’ll want to kill him. I hope he goes to prison for what he’s done.”

How do you feel about the storyline?

“It would be brilliant if it helped somebody. If one person out there who’s been abused saw that they [the legal system] go out of their way to make it easier on the victim – Whitney’s evidence is given by video link – it will be worth it.”

Will the truth about Tiffany being out bring Bianca and Ricky closer?

“They’re already close. What matters is that he’s there for Bianca and he’s a good dad to the children.”

It’s been revealed Ricky will propose at Christmas and the wedding will mark EastEnders’ 25th anniversary in February, along with the return of the Jacksons. Are you excited?

“I prefer it when Ricky and Bianca are not together but it’s great too when they are. I’m looking forward to the return of her family. Bianca hasn’t spoken to her mum since the whole Dan thing so it’ll be good stuff.”

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