EastEnders star Perry Fenwick has said that he would love to see his screen alter-ego Billy Mitchell reunited with his ex-wife Honey, who is the mother of his children.

Perry, who has played the long-suffering character for 14 years – and carried the Olympic torch through Walford earlier this week – made the comments after suggesting that Billy still holds a candle for Honey, who wad played by actress Emma Barton.

“I know what Billy would like, definitely. He still wears his wedding ring. He wants Honey back and his kids.” Perry said.

“I’ve always said Billy’s a very simple man. He’s a bit wet but he’s a nice guy. Unlike most of the characters, he’s not cheated on anyone. He doesn’t try and do anyone down or blackmail anybody, he doesn’t try and beat anyone up or anything like that.

“Billy’s ideal dream would be to have his fruit and veg stall back and have Honey and his kids and Lola and her baby and that would just be his family then,” the actor added. “He wants the family that he’s never had and just enough money to support them. Nothing too much.

“And I like that about him, he wants what he thinks everybody else has got and I think he deserves it really.”

However Perry added that he was not optimistic of Billy’s dreams becoming a reality.

“If Billy gets that you know what they’ll do! Go and ruin it!” he joked.