Peter won’t be home this Christmas, reveals Thomas

EastEnders star Thomas Law reveals that Peter vanishes on Christmas Eve… But why? Has he run away from something – or someone?

Peter can forget having a merry Christmas when his girl dumps him, he discovers his dad’s cheating on his stepmum and he’s accused of trying to kill Glenda. “It’s all too much for Peter and he vanishes on Christmas Eve,” Thomas tells Soaplife. Talk about serial drama! But let’s take it one drama at a time, starting with Whitney…

One minute Peter was going to ask Whitney to marry him and now she’s binned him… Why?

“Peter’s really keen on her, but she tells him their relationship isn’t going anywhere. He subtly holds her ring finger and is about to propose and she says, ‘No, don’t’.”

We thought they were too young to get engaged. Did you?

“He’s definitely too young. But with his sister gone and everything else that’s gone on he’s in limbo and doesn’t know what to do with his life. Proposing seemed like a bright idea. He gets very drunk afterwards.”

And then he gets very sober when he discovers Ian is sleeping with Glenda. How does he find out?

“Ian thinks Peter already knows and gives himself away. It’s a downward spiral for Peter from there. He loves Jane and he can’t believe how much Ian has betrayed the family.”

Does he want to tell Jane about Glenda?

“He keeps threatening Ian by saying that if Ian doesn’t tell her then he will. But that’s not really in his character.”

We know that someone pushes Glenda down the stairs… Is that in Peter’s character?

“He does warn her to stay away from his dad and Phil overhears. Then in front of everyone at a family gathering, Phil accuses Peter of being the one who pushed her…”

Does Peter deny it?

“Glenda’s there too and Peter can see his dad’s worried what she might say so to protect him Peter exclaims that Glenda deserves everything she got, then rushes out. He goes home, packs a bag and leaves after handing Bobby a card for Jane.”

What does the card say?

“It just says ‘I’m sorry’. Jane bursts into tears… she thinks he did push Glenda!”

Is Peter coming back?

“I don’t know. They’re leaving the door open. That’s all I can tell you.”