Phil digs himself a giant hole on EastEnders! Spoilers (VIDEO)

Phil Mitchell digs himself a massive hole when he goes on the rampage with some construction machinery in EastEnders next week.

The week begins with Abi feigning the loss of her baby following a shoving match with Phil that ended with her on the ground. When Ben hears about this development his homicidal side surfaces and he races to find his father. When he does, he attempts to smother him with a pillow, only to be interrupted by an aghast Sharon.

Phil is shattered to realise even his son wants him dead and, after hitting the bottle, goes on the rampage around Albert Square. He smashes up the Arches, then heads to the car lot and lays waste to the office. Only, he doesn’t realise there’s someone inside!

Watch the Soap Scoop preview of the upcoming week on EastEnders, above.