PHOTO preview: Has Phil Mitchell killed someone during his rampage in EastEnders?

There’s drama galore in EastEnders this week. All hell breaks loose in Albert Square when a drunken Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) jumps into a digger and begins to destroy the car lot.

Phil’s problems with alcohol have dominated his year so far.

The Walford hardman has continued to drink despite doctors diagnosing him with cirrhosis of the liver and a warning that unless he beats the booze, the booze will beat him.

Steve McFadden as Phil Mitchell

Steve McFadden as Phil Mitchell (BBC)


However, not even the threat of death has been enough to induce Phil to stop. If anything, he has been hitting the bottle harder than ever and as the horrified residents of Albert Square look on, they soon realise that Phil is on a rampage.

After taking over the digger which belongs to the builders who are converting a basement for Vincent (Richard Blackwood) and Kim (Tameka Empson), Phil does his best impression of Lewis Hamilton and races around the Square.

Phil Mitchell in EastEnders

Phil Mitchell in EastEnders (BBC)


However, his reckless action could have a devastating consequence because Phil’s daughter Louise (Tilly Keeper) has turned up. Half-brother Ben (Harry Reid) doesn’t think their dad is in any fit state to see Louise so he sends her away.

Ben had tried to suffocate Phil because he blamed his dad after girlfriend Abi (Lorna Fitzgerald) lost the baby she said she was expecting. A devastated Ben had been looking forward to being a father.

Phil Mitchell in EastEnders

Phil Mitchell in EastEnders (BBC)


However, Sharon had intervened. Feeling that his family were all against him, Phil took destructive action in the digger. But neighbours think someone is inside the car lot – has Phil got blood on his hands?

Phil left behind a trail of debris at the Arches, but has he also left a body? The car lot has been destroyed and the police have been called.

The scenes in this episode will screen on Tuesday, March 29 at 7.30pm on BBC One.