EastEnders resident Alfie Moon will face the long arm of the law after he is taken in for questioning.

The troubled market trader, played by Shane Richie, is led away in an unmarked police car in front of Walford residents such as Tamwar Masood (Himesh Patel), after firefighter Fiona ‘Tosh’ Mackintosh (Rebecca Scroggs) opened up to them about her suspicions.

Tosh suspects that Alfie is behind the blaze that ripped through his home, No 23, which has landed Kat Moon (Jessie Wallace) in hospital with burns to her face and legs.

Alfie has kept the truth about the arson a secret from everyone except for Queen Vic landlord Mick Carter (Danny Dyer). He was driven to extreme measures in an attempt to clear some debts after losing his stall and struggling to pay the bills.

But the real circumstances behind the inferno could soon be revealed, when Alfie is led away.

The scenes will scree on EastEnders tonight (September 22).