Preeya Kalidas has revealed her dramatic return to EastEnders will see her escaping from her father after being held hostage.

The 31-year-old actress, who left EastEnders last year to pursue a pop career, told the BBC Asian Network her character Amira will be back in the soap in October with a baby girl, and will be seen being kept prisoner by her strict father Qadim, played by Ramon Tikaram.

Preeya revealed: “I just filmed last week a BBC red button, which I think will be shown on the 8th and 9th of September. And then my official return to the Square will be in October.

“Next month, on the red button, you’ll see her in her £2 million pad, where she’s been held as prisoner by her dad!”

Heartbroken Amira left Walford in April with her father after learning her husband Syed Masood, played by Marc Elliott, revealed he was gay and had been having an affair with their friend Christian Clarke (John Partridge).

Amira had just found out she was pregnant, but didn’t tell Syed. Meanwhile, Syed and Christian are currently trying to adopt a child together.

Preeya revealed Amira will ‘come back with a little girl’ and promised viewers ‘drama – a lot of drama’.

She added: “It’s going to get emotional – it’s EastEnders, it’s got to! She’s having a tough time of it – she’s a defiant woman who’s defying her dad, and she comes back to the Square and ends up facing the man who broke her heart.”