EastEnders has welcomed back character Rainie Cross in a surprise twist to the Lucy Beale murder storyline.

Rainie, played by Tanya Franks, shocked viewers when she popped up on screen and made a visit to Ian Beale’s (Adam Woodyatt) restaurant, complaining about him ignoring her calls.

Ian, who is engaged to Denise Fox, has been hiding the truth about where he was on the night of his daughter’s murder and now it has been revealed that the mystery person he has been in contact with is Cora Cross’s daughter Rainie.

Tanya wrote on EastEnders’ website of her character’s return: “Let’s just say it has something to do with the murder. I’m not saying that I am part of the murder and I am not saying that I am not part of the murder.

“Rainie does have some involvement with Ian Beale. I’m just going to say that, but keep watching.”

Since 2007 Rainie has dipped in and out of Walford and storylines have included her long addictions to drugs and alcohol, with her last appearance in 2011.

Viewers are expected to find out more about Ian and Rainie’s involvement in tonight’s episode.