Vincent is a haunted man

Richard Blackwood has said that Vincent Hubbard is “scared for his life” as the character’s final scenes go out tonight in EastEnders.

Vincent is facing a possible death sentence from Aidan and has been told by the police he has to flee Walford to a safehouse. But will he escape with his life?

Richard, 45, told ‘Vincent is really scared for his life – being told that he has to go now is not something he had prepared himself for. He thought that he had more time so it definitely catches him off guard and leaves him in a very vulnerable place to say the least.”

EastEnders tweeted a picture of Vincent looking like a haunted man as he comes to realise he needs to get out of Albert Square fast.

But Richard added that Vincent doesn’t want to have to leave without his family, but having betrayed Aidan he might need to run fast or risk meeting his maker.

“The audience are going to be in for a nice little thrill…” he concluded.

Meanwhile, tonight’s episode will also see Stacey accusing a stunned Kat of ignoring Alfie and Kat realises that Stacey must have tried to contact Alfie.

Kat is fuming with Stacey and gives her a piece of her mind in true Kat style!