EastEnders’ Sid Owen doesn’t deny that Ricky will be married by the New Year… but who to?

What are Ricky’s feelings for Sam?
“She brings back lots of memories of being young and carefree. They had an instant attraction when they met as teenagers and ran away to Gretna Green to marry. They thought they were invincible together.”

Has he really fallen for her again?
“Ricky’s a really sensitive guy who wears his heart on his sleeve… I don’t think he’d ever forget his feelings for his first love.”

Has he always loved Sam then?
“He’s always held a torch for her. She was the one who ended their marriage…”

Why has he never done anything about it before?
“He thought maybe the moment in time had passed them by.”

Was the engagement his idea?
“The engagement’s a bit complicated really. Sam planted the idea but then Peggy got involved and announced the engagement to the whole of The Vic before they had a chance to get used to it.”

Archie put up the bail money to get Sam out of prison… How does Ricky feel about that?
“He’s relieved Sam gets bail but like the Mitchells he’s worried about what Archie’s true motives could be.”

We all know while Ricky was away, Bianca realised she loved him and was just waiting for him to come home to tell him. Has he any idea how she feels?
“He hasn’t a clue. It‘s all been full-on with Sam since he came back and now she’s out of prison he’s falling back head over heels for her.”

Why doesn’t he jump at the chance to move into The Vic with her then?
“He tells Sam they need to wait for things to settle down. But it’s also because it’ll be a big wrench for him to move out of Pat’s. He’s Liam and Tiff’s dad and loves being under the same roof as the kids.”

If Bianca had told him how she feels before he got engaged to Sam, would he still have gone ahead?
“If he knew how Bianca felt, Ricky would drop everything to be with her. He’s never stopped loving her but he gave up on her loving him back. He tried everything but she kept turning him down.”

And even though she loves him things are going from bad to worse between Ricky and Bianca. Why?
“Bianca hasn’t taken Sam’s arrival well and, being Bianca, she isn’t scared to say exactly what she thinks of her. She’s hurt because Ricky’s with Sam and she’s showing that as anger. Of course, Ricky doesn’t understand because he has no idea how Bianca feels about him.”

If he knew Bianca loved him, could he forgive her behaviour towards Sam?
“Totally. It would explain why she’s being so devious.”

Has a date been set for Ricky and Sam’s wedding?
“Not yet.”

Who will be Ricky be married to by the end of the year – Sam or Bianca?
“Watch this space!”

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