EastEnders’ Rita Simons says getting,The Vic might not be good for Roxy, but getting a brother could be just what she needs…

Does Roxy feel guilty that Archie left everything solely to her?

“At first she feels terrible that Peggy no longer has The Vic, but then she thinks it’s best for all of them that at least the pub still belongs to the Mitchells.”

How does she handle being the boss?

“Not very well. She soon puts noses out of joint and doesn’t take kindly to being given advice by Peggy. Roxy thinks she knows best. She gets a bit power crazy.”

It must also be hard that Archie’s funeral is just days away. Does she think the police will find out who killed her dad?

“Yes. It must be somebody who knew him so the killer couldn’t have gone far.”

Does she think there’s a chance Ronnie might have done it?

“She doesn’t think it’s anyone close to her. But you never know… she could be in for a shock.”

Does Roxy feel any better when she finds out Archie had terminal cancer?

“No, because he was her dad. She saw his true colours in the last few months and was very disappointed but she did love him.”

How does she cope with the funeral?

“It’s a highly emotional time for her. It was hard for me too when we were filming Larry’s death scenes. It seems weird that he’s not around.”

But it turns out Archie has left a little surprise – a secret son… Why doesn’t Roxy believe she has a brother when Ronnie tells her?

“Ronnie tells Roxy before the funeral. But at that time Roxy doesn’t believe it because Glenda lied about everything else.

So how does Roxy meet Danny?

“After the funeral this guy walks into The Vic and asks for Veronica and Roxanne Mitchell. Roxy says they’ve just buried their dad and he says, ‘I think you might have buried mine too.’”

Does Roxy believe it’s her brother now he’s there in the flesh?

“At first she’s still not sure. Ronnie and Roxy talk about it upstairs and Danny’s gone when they come down. Then they see him outside and he says Glenda told him his dad died years ago. The dates add up. Danny’s in his early 20s and it was about 20 years ago that Glenda walked out on Archie. So, yes, Roxy thinks he’s telling the truth.”

Does she like Danny?

“Roxy really gets on with him, far more so than Ronnie. They click.”

There’s another bombshell to come if Roxy ever finds out Stacey is carrying Archie’s baby. How would she cope if she knew Archie raped her?

“She’d be absolutely devastated.”

Archie’s killer will be revealed in a few weeks. Would Roxy turn in Peggy, Phil or Ronnie if she knew it was one of them?

“No. I think the old Mitchell family loyalty would come into play.”

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