Roxy‘s pregnant and desperate to keep it secret from Ronnie… and Sean… and Jack, says EastEnders actress Rita Simons.

She doesn’t do things by half, but who should she be most afraid of – Sean, Jack or Ronnie?

“Oh Ronnie for sure. If she finds out about Roxy and Jack she’ll go ape. Ronnie can be violent. She’s already scarred Roxy by shoving a glass in her face. There’s a side to her that nobody wants to see and Roxy is afraid that the monster will be unleashed if Ronnie finds out the truth.”

It’s fair to say that the pregnancy comes as a shock to Roxy, but she initially thinks her sysmptoms are caused by running down Pat…

“Everyone is talking about how Roxy did it. Ronnie’s is trying to comfort her but she really feels odd and says she needs some air… and keels right over in a dead faint.”

But it’s not till her second faint that the alarm bells start ringing, do they?

“Peggy and Ronnie are both there and Peggy says, ‘Might be low blood pressure. Only time I ever fainted was when I was pregnant’.”

Ronnie insists she take a pregnancy test. But what does she discover?

“Roxy says it’s negative but she’s lying.”

Does she lie to Ronnie because she fears the baby is Jack’s?

“That’s part of the reason. But there’s another reason, too, that will be revealed when Ronnie’s big secret comes out very, very soon now. It’s to do with Ronnie’s past, it’s huge and everything will make sense then.”

So does Roxy tell anyone the truth about the baby?

“She turns to Christian and admits to him that she doesn’t know who the father is – whether the baby is Sean’s or Jack’s. The truth is she hopes it’s Sean’s even though he’s a bit of a nutter and she’s broken up with him. Anything would be better than it being Jack’s!”

Does that mean she will keep the baby?

“She’s all over the place and doesn’t know what she wants. I don’t think it’s about the baby but about the possible father.”

What does Rita think Ronnie will want Roxy to do if and when she discovers she’s pregnant?

“She would definitely want Roxy to keep the baby. And if Roxy does she will go all out to protect the father’s identity. The problem is Roxy isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer and she wears her heart on her sleeve… so secrets can be difficult for her! As for how she would cope with a baby, sleepless nights don’t really mix with boozing and partying. But you never know – we might start to see a different side to Roxy.”