Rob Kazinsky: ‘People punch me in the face in the street’ (VIDEO)

Rob Kazinsky has lifted the lid on stardom, saying when he starred in EastEnders people would randomly punch him in the face. Being famous is ‘actually horrible’, he says.

Rob moved to the US after he left EastEnders in 2009 and after a slow start has begun to win top roles, including a major part of a faerie/vampire character Ben Flynn/Warlow in the new series of True Blood (Fox TV UK, Monday, September 30).

Rob told “When you start off in this industry, you know, everybody goes ‘It’d be kind of cool to be famous, it’d be exciting’ and it’s not – it’s actually horrible. It’s the worst thing and you can’t go backwards when you’ve done it… I walk down the street and people punch me in the face, I get punched in the back of the head all the time, people throw bricks at me, hurl abuse and it’s just like ‘Man, I’m just doing my job’.”

But the beatings stopped when he moved to the US and recently he had a key role in big budget movie Pacific Rim.

Rob says he knew he’d get the role in True Blood. “I would’ve been more shocked if I hadn’t got it,” he said. “The moment I read it I was like it’s me, it felt right in me straight away. It was in my soul this character. You read it once and you knew the lines, it spoke out from you. I went in there and did this one audition for the producers and I just felt so comfortable doing it, it felt right doing it and then I did this one test with Anna [Paquin, who plays Sookie] , a chemistry test, and we got on great, and I got the role and I just went ‘Yeah, that feels about right.'”

Watch the interview with True Blood’s Rob Kazinsky:


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