Rob Kazinsky talks EastEnders return, his inability to do a US accent and why he’s always felt 50

Former EastEnders star Rob Kazinsky has said he is unlikely to return to the BBC One soap, but he has not ruled it out entirely.

Ross Kemp’s return to revive his EastEnders’ role as Grant Mitchell after a 10-year absence has given fans hope that one day Sean would re-enter Walford.

Rob, last seen as Albert Square’s Sean Slater on New Year’s Day in 2009, departed to pursue an acting career in Hollywood.

Rob Kazinsky in Second Chance (Universal Channel/PA)

Rob Kazinsky in Second Chance (Universal Channel/PA)


“It’s been a topic of conversation between myself and executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins on and off for years,” he told the Press Association.

“I would come home and visit my mum and dad and I’d say, ‘OK, maybe I could pop in if we could set up and shoot all my scenes in a day, maybe I could do something with Lacey Turner (who plays Sean’s sister Stacey).

“But we were just never able to make it happen,” the 32-year-old said.

Rob Kazinsky in his EastEnders days (BBC)

Rob Kazinsky in his EastEnders days (BBC)


“At this point, it’s been eight years now since I left that show, I don’t know if there’s much that would get me back right now, especially with the life that I have now and the girlfriend that I would have to leave behind, but you never say never.

“It’s still the work I’m most proud of – the work I did on that show.”

His decision to leave EastEnders was vindicated when he landed the role of faerie-vampire Macklyn Warlow, also known as Ben Flynn, on HBO series True Blood in 2013.

Rob Kazinsky in True Blood (HBO)

Rob Kazinsky in True Blood (HBO)


He is currently heading the cast of Second Chance, his first starring role in a US television series, and will soon be seen in Warcraft directed by Duncan Jones, the son of the late David Bowie.

Armed with an American accent for Second Chance, Haywards Heath-born Rob plays amoral 75-year-old former sheriff Jimmy Pritchard.

The ex-lawman is killed during a robbery, but a pair of sibling geniuses bring him back to life in the body of a much younger man.


When asked if British actors with hopes of a Hollywood career should perfect a US accent, Rob replied ‘most definitely’.

“I think my biggest handicap throughout my entire career is my inability to do an American accent, it’s really hindered me,” he admitted.

“My character on True Blood was meant to be American and then halfway through the season, they were like, ‘He can’t do it. Why don’t we just make him English because he’s a faerie?’”

Ex-EastEnders star Rob Kazinsky (Universal Channel/PA)

Ex-EastEnders star Rob Kazinsky (Universal Channel/PA)


Rob added: “It is one of those things where you’re not going to get a job in America unless you can do a good American accent. On Second Chance I had two great dialogue coaches and it was a struggle on a daily basis for me. If it’s something you can do naturally, you are so far ahead of the rest of the pack, but for me, it’s really hard.”

On the subject of why he signed up for Second Chance, which premieres on Universal Channel on Thursday, Rob said he initially turned it down.

“At the time I said, ‘I’m not interested in doing network television and 22 episodes for 10 months of the year. But this one wouldn’t leave me alone.

Rob Kazinsky in US series Second Chance (Universal Channel/PA)

Rob Kazinsky in US series Second Chance (Universal Channel/PA)


“The script was just really smart, an intelligent piece of science fiction writing and I just felt it was a story that was worth telling with an engaging character.”

Rob continued: “Even though I’m 32 years old, I’ve always felt 50ish and I have this demeanour of a grumpy old fart so this character spoke to me on a level that was different to anything else I’d done.”

Second Chance premieres on May 12 exclusively on Universal Channel at 9pm.

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