Rob Kazinsky: ‘There’s nothing as hard as soap’

Former EastEnders star Rob Kazinsky has said soap is the toughest work he has ever done.

The ex-Walford resident, who now stars in True Blood, told the Daily Mirror that nothing is harder than working on a British soap.

Rob, who played Sean Slater in EastEnders for three years and left in 2009, said: “Nothing is as hard as working on a British soap in this industry. There is nothing harder than working 50 pages a day, working 16 hours a day, trying to be good with only shooting rehearsals.

“If you can be good on a soap then you can honestly be good in anything. The kind of fanaticism and craziness of it prepares you for this kind of scenario and situation. If I hadn’t had that experience, I’d be tripping out.”

Rob will play Ben Flynn in the new series of True Blood, famed for its naked scenes, and said flashing his flesh took some getting used to. He said: “I have never had to be naked before and it was only embarrassing for me because everybody else was so accustomed to it after six seasons. But for me it was pretty damn terrifying.

“No one cared apart from me. They were like, just take your clothes off, now, we are running out of time. But it was absolutely jaw-dropping and terrifying. And it came out OK, I hope.”

Rob will also appear in the new US film, Pacific Rim, out in July.


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