Rob’s full monty!

Ex-EastEnders star Rob Kazinsky talks exclusively to Soaplife about why he sold his body for a sexy viral video and why he wants us to call him an ugly b*****d!

How did you feel about baring your bum?

“Showing my bum is not something that ever happened in EastEnders, but I’m happy to be doing this as I am endorsing a product I actually use. I am a bath freak. If I could bath instead of shower for the rest of my life, I’d be happy.”

Is that a tan you’re sporting?

“Yes. It was their idea. They must have thought ‘He’s ginger, give him a spray tan.’ Please tell your readers I was mortified and disgusted by it. I don’t even manicure [he shows us his hands – and yes, it’s true], I don’t moisturise and I shave with a stone.”

Did you work out for this role?

“I haven’t been to the gym for four years. I think the last time I worked out was when I had to be filmed wearing nothing but a towel when I first joined EastEnders.”

So did you worry about how you’d look for this video?

“I thought ‘If they want to pay for this naked body… then fine!’ It’s just a body. There’s no point being embarrassed about it.”

What acting work have you done since leaving EastEnders?

“I’ve been working in LA. I’m not allowed to say too much but I’ve finished one film that will be coming out next year and I start another one shortly.”

Why did you go to America?

“I only went there because my girlfriend lives there – she’s Portuguese American. I got an agent, took each day as it came and was lucky enough to get work.”

Would you like to work in the UK?

“This is my home. I’d love to work here but the work has dried up. I am working here as a writer, but that’s it. I haven’t managed to get anything. All the acting work I’ve done has been in America.”

What are you writing?

“I’ve been working on a 12-part TV series called Fourplay, a comedy about the lives and loves of four 20-something men which has attracted a lot of interest.”

Tell us a bit more about the Radox Be Selfish campaign…

“It’s a bit of fun – it’s encouraging women to spend the extra hour that we get when the clocks go back on themselves.”

What would you do with an extra hour?

“Sleep probably because I’m so jet-lagged. Failing that I’d tidy my flat. It’s got bad because I’m hardly ever there. I land and it’s like ‘I’ve only been here for 12 hours and I need to buy some bin bags.’ I think it would be best if I called a company to clean my flat and used the hour to sleep!”

So where do you live at the moment?

“Nowhere. My family are here, there and everywhere, my flat is in London and my girlfriend’s in America. I am nomadic.”

Do you like that?

“I do but I hate flying. I’m terrified of it. I don’t drink and I don’t take drugs so the only option I have is to try to make sure I’m really tired when I get on board so I’m asleep for take-off. I can’t handle flying. I just don’t want to… crash.”

Have you watched EastEnders since you left?

“Yes, I like to see people’s hair changes. I love Lacey Turner’s work on the bipolar storyline. Everyone expected Sean to be bipolar. So did Sean. But Lacey and I knew all along that it was Stacey. Lacey’s the most naturally talented actress I’ve ever met. She just draws you in.”

Will you ever come back to EastEnders?

“The roles I’ve played since I left have been so unlike Sean. That’s why I left really, to push myself, and it’s what I am still trying to do. EastEnders is an all-consuming job. It’s 18 hours a day. It takes over your life and, at this point, I can’t think about that sort of lifestyle.”

How do you feel about your body being ogled by women on the net?

“I think it’s lovely that women might enjoy seeing me naked on the internet, but I have never liked that sex symbol thing. Will you call me an ugly b*****d? And please… please don’t mention the spray tan.”

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