The club or the Mitchells? That’s Ronnie’s choice when Jack lets her secret slip, says EastEnders’ Sam Janus.

What exactly is the problem the Mitchells have with Ronnie and R&R? “The Mitchells believe they should stick together. So when Jack announces it’s him and not Ronnie who owns R&R there’s huge fallout. Phil wants to know why Ronnie didn’t borrow money from him or Peggy, but she can’t explain without revealing that Peggy was badly in debt.”

She can’t, but Roxy can – and does…to Phil! How does Ronnie react? “As far as Ronnie’s concerned Roxy opted out by splashing out on a car and a puppy. Ronnie was desperate to secure the club and had to put herself before family to achieve it. She can understand why Roxy’s upset, but she’d do it again if she had to.”

But business isn’t the only thing the two sisters fall out over… “Things get ugly between them. Things that have been building for years get said that might be better left unsaid. It’s a real exorcism of feelings. Roxy points to the scar on her face and says, ‘Remember what you did?'”

And when Roxy’s finished, Phil moves in…right?

“He says she has to choose between Jack or the family and she chooses Jack. Not that she trusts Jack. But she wants the club and doesn’t like Phil thinking he can tell her what she can and can’t do.”

Turns out he can when it comes to living at the Vic, though. Step up Jack, who offers her a place…

“Ronnie doesn’t take him up on it right away, but part of her wants to. There’s a sexual chemistry there, but she’s unnerved by Jack. It could be she needs him more than she’s letting on…”

Could be? Where else would this storyline be going?!