Ronnie Mitchell: She’s no daddy’s girl

When Roxy goes AWOL, Ronnie tracks her sister down in Weymouth – and she’s shocked to learn that Roxy’s been hiding out with their dad Archie. Here, actress Samantha Janus reveals why Ronnie hates her dad…

Where does Ronnie think sister Roxy is?

“Ronnie thought Roxy had run off to be with some fella. She’s been desperate to find her but Peggy had sworn she didn’t know where Roxy was. When she tells Ronnie she’s in Weymouth the pair of them head off there together.”

Ooh, hot-heads Peggy and Ronnie on the road together – isn’t that a bit risky?

“They go on this road trip and really bond with each other for the first time. Ronnie admits that her mum wrote Peggy off and Peggy reveals a few things about her past – about violence and intimidation.”

Do these revelations make Ronnie see Peggy in a new light?

“Ronnie finds out Peggy’s not as squeaky clean as she makes out and she warms to her. She feels she finally has a maternal figure in her life who she can trust. So she’s really hurt when they arrive and she finds out that Roxy is with their father Archie.”

Ronnie’s not pleased to see him, then?

“Archie’s all sweetness and light on the surface but he is a manipulative and controlling man. Ronnie feels horribly betrayed by Peggy. Everyone in her life seems to let her down – Jack, Roxy, her dad.”

What’s Archie done to hurt Ronnie?

“This meeting is huge for Ronnie and will show viewers why she is the way she is. Ronnie got pregnant at 14 and her dad threatened to disown her if she didn’t give the child up.

That’s harsh…

“He said it would all be all right if she did… but it wasn’t. The baby was wrenched from her then he turned his back on her. He never gave her any information about her daughter.”

Will Ronnie be annoyed if Roxy chooses to stay with Archie rather than come back to Walford?

“If Roxy chooses to stay with Archie, Ronnie will see it as the ultimate betrayal. And she would be worried for Roxy… worried that her sister would be in danger.”

What, more danger than if she were with Sean?

“She could handle it if Roxy were to choose to be with Sean. She knows he’s a bit mental and but she knows how to handle Sean. Archie she doesn’t. He’s a clever man and you’ll see that when this thing explodes in Weymouth…”