Ronnie wants rid of Dean for ever in EastEnders!

If there’s one thing Ronnie detests more than Dean, it’s the thought of EastEnders‘ twisted hairdresser being in a relationship with her sis, Roxy.

Mick’s not planning to send his loathed younger brother a Christmas card either, but when he and Ronnie joined forces to get shot of Dean before Bonfire Night, the result was a damp squib. Now Dean and Roxy are planning to leave London, so Ronnie knows it’s time to up her game – or face losing Roxy for good.

Roxy’s plan to move away forces Ronnie into a rethink. Seemingly accepting the idea, she asks Roxy if she can buy her share of the house – then slips Billy the keys to Blades…


The next morning, Dean arrives at the salon and discovers there’s been a break-in. He realises there’s more to the burglary than meets the eye, but is then backed into a corner by Ronnie and forced to pop the question to Roxy – who accepts his proposal!


To Dean and Roxy’s surprise, Ronnie turns up at their engagement celebrations full of apologies for her earlier behaviour. But whose bag is that she’s rummaging through?


It’s clear Ronnie is up to no good when she sends a furtive text – but from whose phone?


Could it be a coincidence that, moments later, Dean receives a text?


Someone’s clearly playing games. Dangerous games. But will Ronnie’s plan to get rid of Dean work?


Later, the pair meet up at The Albert, where the scene is set for a dramatic showdown. Has Ronnie finally got the better of her rival? Or has the crafty crimper got one final trick up his sleeve?

Watch all the drama unfold on EastEnders, BBC1, from Monday, November 9



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