Ronnie will do anything to get Roxy back

EastEnders’ Ronnie loved and lost Jack to Tanya and now her sister Roxy has left her for Sean. Actress Samantha Janus says that Ronnie will do anything to get her sister back

Does Ronnie feel betrayed?

“She sees Roxy choosing Sean as a massive betrayal but that’s not all of it. Ronnie doesn’t think Roxy’s safe with Sean. She really believes he’s got mental problems. And then there’s Roxy’s baby… Ronnie wants to protect it as she didn’t manage to do that for her own child.”

Is she struggling with losing control of her sister?

“Sean engineers it so Ronnie misses Roxy’s first baby scan. He’s enjoying his game and can’t wait to tell Ronnie that Roxy’s moving out and in with him. Ronnie’s devastated.”

But is it all down to concern or could there be a touch of jealousy there too?

“Ronnie and Roxy are inherently jealous of each other and when it looks like one is taking off and finding somebody else the other doesn’t like it. Ronnie will deliberately try to remove Sean from Roxy’s life as she has all her other men.”

But doesn’t she want her sister to be happy?

“It’s an interesting dynamic because on the one hand Ronnie wants Roxy to be happy, but at the same time she feels really jealous whenever she is. There’s also the fact Ronnie sees herself as the maternal figure and feels responsible for Roxy. She’s always been the sensible one out of the two and believes she’s doing what’s best for her sister.”

What about what’s best for Ronnie? What’s going on with her and Max?

“I think it’s really interesting all this stuff that’s going on with Max. Ronnie and Max are two wounded creatures who both feel left out in the cold and are drawn to each other. There’s something about Max that gets under Ronnie’s skin.”

Does this mean she’ll leave Roxy and Sean alone?

“Ronnie will do whatever it takes to get rid of Sean and be back in control. And she’s pretty confident she knows what buttons to press.”

But so does Sean, and he won’t give in without a fight…