Ross Kemp admits: ‘I never watch soaps’

Ross Kemp has revealed that even when he was in EastEnders he didn’t watch soaps.

The ex-soap star, famous for playing tough guy Grant Mitchell in the BBC soap, admitted he doesn’t like seeing himself on screen.

“I didn’t even watch the soaps when I was in them because it’s like a coal miner coming home and staring at the coal scuttle – I was never a great lover of watching myself act,” he told the Radio Times.

Ross, who fronts Ross Kemp: Extreme World on Sky1, denied he would return to the soap for an episode.

“I’ve no plans to. I enjoy the fact that I’ve far more control over my destiny than I ever had when acting,” he said.

He continued: “I come up with a lot of the ideas of the programmes. I oversee them as the executive producer. I’m on the ground when they’re being made. I’m involved in the editing and write the commentary. I also write books and am attempting my first novel. I like to be busy.”

But Ross admitted his guilty pleasure is period drama Mad Men.

“On the road the all-male crew and I would talk about Mad Men – the way girls gossip about what happened in EastEnders last night; how she shouldn’t be with him and he should be with her,” he added.