Ross Kemp: I was so angry I wanted to punch people

Former EastEnders star Ross Kemp has revealed that making a war documentary left him so angry he ‘wanted to punch people’.

The actor-turned-TV presenter said he struggled to adjust to life back in London after filming a series on Afghanistan’s front line for Sky1.

He told Zoo magazine: “I was driving through London on my way home, and people were just on their way to work… And suddenly I felt furious – all I could think was that the guys out there were going to get shot at today, and these people didn’t give a f***!

“I felt they should – particularly after my sixth pint.

“My girlfriend actually had to take me home, because I’d got so angry that I wanted to start punching people. The pressure being out there – the knowledge that you could get blown up at any point – messes with your head. You don’t see people losing legs and bodies being put in bags without it having an effect on you.”

Ross, 45, revealed he is planning another documentary, which will be ‘pretty damn dangerous’, but couldn’t disclose where it would be for fear of kidnapping.

“It’s moving into a different area, so I’ll be shot down in flames if I don’t get it absolutely spot on.”

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