Ross Kemp on possible EastEnders return: ‘Never say never’

Ross Kemp has revealed he would ‘never say never’ to a return to EastEnders.

The actor-turned-documentary maker, who played TV bad boy Grant Mitchell on the BBC soap for nine years, admitted he hasn’t been asked to reprise his role.

“As long as the character is still alive, but that’s never stopped them in the past from bringing people back. Never say never, I don’t think you should ever do that,” he said on BBC’s The One Show.

The 49-year-old added: “I really enjoyed it, I had 10 years there and it was fantastic fun. I still watch it occasionally when I’m in the country.”

But when hosts Chris Evans and Alex Jones asked if he had been asked to return, he replied: “Not yet.”

Ross, who delves into the world of illicit trades for his new show Ross Kemp: Extreme World, made his debut as Grant in 1990 before leaving in 1999. He later returned in October 2005 for a brief stint before departing again in June 2006.

His on-screen mother Peggy Mitchell (Barbara Windsor) appeared in a one-off episode last September, while his screen brother Phil (Steve McFadden) remains on the show.

Steve has said he would like to see Ross return: “I haven’t heard from Ross for ages so I don’t know if he wants to come back. I think it would strengthen the Mitchell family if Grant came back and therefore strengthen EastEnders.”


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