Ross Kemp signs ‘golden handcuffs’ deal with Sky

Former EastEnders star Ross Kemp has signed a two-year deal with Sky, during which he will make 12 hours of factual programmes.

Ross Kemp has signed a two-year golden handcuffs deal with Sky1 to produce two new factual series.

He said: “I’m fortunate to have had a great working relationship with the channel over the last few years and I look forward to this continuing for the next two.”

Under the exclusive deal with Sky1, Kemp will front two factual series between July 2009 and July 2011.

Ross’s TV career has been successfully overhauled since he turned to making documentaries for Sky1. In 2008 he won a BAFTA for best factual series for Ross Kemp on Gangs.

Ross followed this with two more risky series Ross Kemp in Afghanistan, and more recently, Ross Kemp in Search of Pirates.

Sky1’s director of programmes Stuart Murphy said: “In an era of often bland and stuffy current affairs reporting, Ross brings colour, passion and insight, and opens the stories first to millions of viewers.”