Roxy has caught Andy’s eye in EastEnders. But is she interested?

When it comes to man trouble, Roxy Mitchell has had more than her fair share in EastEnders over the years.

She’s even shared some of her sister Ronnie’s boyfriends (without Ronnie’s prior knowledge, of course), with Ronnie’s current squeeze, Jack, being the father of Roxy’s daughter, Amy. Roxy’s not exactly been a model mum recently, but vows to change her ways. Maybe a new romance would help her keep on the straight and narrow?



Jack’s not been too impressed with Roxy of late, so he isn’t letting her be a part of Amy’s life. But it looks like her wayward behaviour hasn’t put Jack’s friend Andy off… 


Builder Andy’s getting more and more airtime on EastEnders since he joined a few months back, and it even looked like he was more intereted in Ronnie, being the prime suspect for her mystery stalker. But now it’s Roxy he’s turned his attention to.


But will Roxy be interested in him after her traumatic rape experience at the hands of Dean? Or has he had his chips?

Find out in EastEnders on BBC1 from Monday, May 30


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