Roxy snogging Ian? What’s that about!

Roxy snogging Ian?! New EastEnders star Rita Simons says it’s so not what you think!

So what’s all this about Damian, the fiance?

“Roxy did a runner from Ibiza. She’s just kind of “done one” and Damian doesn’t know what’s going on. Her problem is that basically she’s emotionally screwed up and can’t face any confrontation with men. So rather than facing him and telling him it’s over, she’s ignoring him.”

In fact, she wants Ronnie to take responsibility for it…

“They’re actually in the middle of an argument about it when Damian turns up. Roxy thought he was safely back in Ibiza and she’s paralysed when she sees him. She really thought she could run away from the problem and now it’s followed her.”

And a mystified Damian wants her to come back home, right?

“She’s just totally weak-willed. Also Damian has money and Roxy’s a sucker for all of that – she might not love him but she loves the lifestyle he can offer.”

So what’s her sis think? “Ronnie will do anything to stop Roxy from having a relationship so that they can stay together.”

What’s Ronnie’s plan?

“She figures if Damian thinks Roxy has fallen for another man he’ll be so furious he’ll just go.”

And what other man would that be?

“Ian Beale! Ronnie’s got a hold over him on possible food poisoning from his chippy and says he has to be Roxy’s new boyfriend or else.”

Ian goes along with it and when Roxy grabs him and snogs him in front of Damian he actually enjoys it. But does the plan work?

“Damian falls for it hook, line and sinker and goes back to Ibiza on his own.”

So who’s next for a snog from Roxy?

“Sean Slater… because I really admire his acting!”

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