EastEnders Rita Simons tells Soaplife she’s enjoying her new storyline… and Roxy’s new man power!

What does Roxy think of Michael?

“She fancies him. And why not? He’s a good-looking bloke. She’s been feeling a bit lost lately, a bit unloved and she hoped the fling with Michael would turn into something.”

Do you think she’s ready to settle down if the right guy comes along?

“Yeah, I think she’d really like to find someone special. There hasn’t been anybody since Sean and she’s had enough of being on her own.”

What did Roxy think when Ronnie told her that Michael was the reason Kat and Alfie had split up?

“I think she was shocked but it didn’t put her off. She does like a bit of a bad boy after all.”

She also seems to like Alfie… How much?

“They get on and, yes, she flirts with him. In another life she’d go for Alfie but while he’s with Kat I don’t think Roxy would go there…”

What did Roxy think when Alfie told her she was the only one who asked him how he felt about losing baby Tommy?

“It just proved to her what a close friendship they’ve got. She cares about Alfie and can see that a lot of what he’s feeling is hidden behind his sparky exterior. She’s a bit like that too.”

Has Roxy noticed anything odd about Ronnie?

“Ronnie’s obviously not herself. Most people in the Square have noticed. Roxy thinks it’s the baby blues, that Ronnie, having lost a child herself and seeing Kat mourn, is struggling. She’s worried about her but has no idea of the true situation.”

What would she do if she found out baby James is really Kat’s baby Tommy?

“I can’t even imagine… It would be a massive shock.”

Roxy’s planning a bit of a shock herself though for her thieving cousin Phil… What’s the plan?

“To steal back the money he stole from her. Glenda’s in on it with Roxy and they plan to rob the club for what’s rightfully Roxy’s.”

Will they succeed?

“Roxy deserves to. It is her money. She’s furious a member of her own family would steal from her especially as she’s not rolling in it any more.”

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