Rudolph Walker praises EastEnders humour

EastEnders star Rudolph Walker has said the show’s humour is what keeps him coming to work – despite the fact it has a reputation for being downbeat.

The 72-year-old, who has played the role of Patrick Trueman for the past 11 years, told Inside Soap magazine that the show could be difficuly at times, but it also had its advantages.

“The camaraderie keeps me going,” he said. “Being in EastEnders is challenging at this stage in my career, and the demands are far greater than they used to be.”

“Turning up on set every day and keeping the character fresh is hard work, but I do it with a smile.”

“As long as Patrick continues to run the gauntlet of emotions and there’s humour in the show, I’ll be happy.”

And although Patrick has faced a difficult time lately – having been left devastated by Heather’s death – things are set to improve for him when he has a fling with Tanya Branning’s mother Cora Cross (Ann Mitchell).

“Patrick enjoys the thrill of the chase – and the conquest!” Rudolph revea;led. “He’ll continue to investigate the prospect and see what happens between him and Cora.”