‘Sam is phenomenal in new storyline,’ says Rita

EastEnders is to revisit the relationship between Ronnie Mitchell and her twisted father Archie, her screen sister Rita Simons has revealed.

During the soap’s live episode in February, viewers learned that Archie, played by Larry Lamb, had raped Ronnie (Samantha Womack) when she was a teenager.

In an interview with This Morning, Rita confirmed that the storyline will be explored again in forthcoming episodes.

She said: “It is being revisited and I’m very glad. We’ve actually filmed it already. Sam Womack was phenomenal. I think she’s had to keep replaying – I don’t think she gets enough credit for it – this tragic heroine over and over. Just when we think it’s over, she’s got another revelation, so she was just incredible.

“I’ve bounced around the Square being an idiot for three years. And it was so important to me that when we shot it. And I’m not a diva and I never do this – I asked the director, ‘Please can we do it again?’ because I wasn’t happy. It was just that important to Sam and I, and I hope we’ve nailed it.”

During her interview, Rita admitted that the task of doing a live episode was “horrific and brilliant, all at the same time”.

“I would like the bosses never to say it’s happening again,” she added.

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