EastEnders’ Sam Womack says the Ronnie’s not thinking about Joel’s wife and children when she tries to steal him back!

Ronnie was shocked when Danielle’s father Joel turned up in the Square after Janine’s interfering. What brings him back again?
“Ronnie does. She phones him and Joel turns up in The Vic thinking she has some accountancy work for him. But it’s a ploy… Ronnie’s got him back because he symbolises the chance for her to have a new beginning.”

Does Ronnie still love him after all these years then?
“Joel means so much to Ronnie. He represents a young and happy time in her life. He doesn’t have the impressive style of Jack, but he has an air of vulnerability about him that Ronnie likes.”

How does Joel react when he finds out that Ronnie wants him there for pleasure rather than business?
“He’s thrown, but when she invites him along to Dawn and Garry’s engagement party he agrees to go with her for a while.”

Do they spend the night together?
“Not that night, but a few days later she goes to his office and they end up sleeping together back at The Vic.”

How does Ronnie find out Joel has a wife and kids?
“She already knew. She went to his house last October when she was trying to contact him about Danielle and saw his family through the window. But she ignores it as it would ruin her fairytale ending.”

Archie and Jack pay Joel to stay out of her life. Does Ronnie find out?
“After their night together she goes to see Joel at work and he shows her the money Archie gave him. She’s utterly shocked. Then as they talk she discovers he did try to contact her all those years ago, too, and Archie stopped her finding out.”

Do they carry on the relationship?
“She begs Joel ‘Please don’t leave me again…’ and he admits he’s married. He says he’s not happy and wants her, but he feels too guilty to do anything about it. She asks him to make a decision and says she’ll wait for him at The Vic. If he doesn’t turn up, she’ll move on.”

Does he turn up?
“He doesn’t contact her and his wife, Stephanie, turns up with their three kids to warn Ronnie off.”

But she doesn’t give up…
“No. She goes to Joel’s house and in front of his wife she says, ‘If you love me you’ll come with me tonight.’”

Is it really Joel she wants or another baby with him?
“She’s consumed by the fact he was her first love and the father of her first child. It’s no secret Ronnie desperately wants a child, but you’ll have to wait and see what happens.”

Has she gone a bit crazy?
“Lots of the issues she’s facing now are spiralling from grieving for Danielle. And many of the decisions Ronnie makes in the coming months will be based on that loss.”

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