Sam Womack: It’s the right conclusion to the story

EastEnders’ Samantha Womack tells Soaplife Ronnie’s lies are tearing her and Jack apart!

Can you talk us through Ronnie’s emotions as she continues to hide her secret?

“Ronnie is becoming increasingly desperate, she knows that she has done a terrible thing, but she doesn’t know how to stop it. It was clear to everyone that Ronnie was not in the right frame of mind when she took the baby, but since that initial moment she has desperately wanted to turn back the clock, but she doesn’t know how to do it.”

What affect is her secret having on her relationship with Jack?

“It’s having a massive negative effect on their relationship as Ronnie is desperately trying to work out what to do for the best. The ramifications of what she has done will have a huge impact on so many people and ultimately she knows that deep down no matter what she does she will never be able to make things right. Ronnie is in an extremely fragile state as she is grieving for the loss of her own baby, but she can’t talk about it to anyone, she can only watch what is happening around her. Ronnie is becoming increasingly isolated and more fragile by the day.”

Why is she so upset when she discovers Jack’s taken baby James to the pub?

“Ronnie is walking on eggshells, she is worried that this terrible secret is going to come out and there is nothing she can do to stop it so she doesn’t want to let James out of her sight.”

How does she feel about Jack working full time with Michael?

“Clearly Ronnie isn’t happy about it, she wants to keep Jack and her family as far away from Michael as she can.”

Why is she so certain that Michael will work out her secret?

“Well she is clearly not in the right frame of mind and hasn’t been for a long time otherwise she wouldn’t have taken James in the first place. But now she has got into this situation she is paranoid that someone is going to find out what she has done. So far the person who has been most intrigued by Ronnie’s behaviour is Michael and he doesn’t have any idea what she has done, but Ronnie is convinced that she has to keep him away from James in case he works out her terrible secret.”

Why does she go to Phil for help getting rid of Michael?

“Ronnie knows Phil isn’t keen on Michael and that he will do anything to help his family.”

Have you filmed the reveal episodes yet? What can we expect?

“I can’t say too much as I don’t want to spoil anything for viewers, but the situation is definitely resolved in the right way for all of the characters involved.”

Are you pleased with Ronnie’s exit?

“That is still a way off at the moment, but I definitely think that what EastEnders have come up with is the right conclusion to the storyline.”

Ronnie and Kat have had a lot of scenes together – what’s it been like working with Jessie?

“Jessie is a fantastic actress and I have nothing but respect for her. She has been a pleasure to work with; in fact everyone in this storyline has been.”

What was it like working in Kibera for Comic Relief?

“It was an incredible experience and one that I will never forget. My son Ben wants to come back with me and I think it can only be a positive experience introducing your kids to another way of life.”

Are you planning any more charity work?

“Yes, I would like to go back to Kibera and hope to soon. I made friends for life there and I feel grateful for all the stuff that we take for granted.”

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