EastEnders‘ Sam Womack warns that Archie could still wreck Ronnie’s life even from beyond the grave…

Tell us what happens when Ronnie walks in to find Glenda and Roxy watching an old home video?
“Ronnie doesn’t even get into the room properly when she hears Archie’s voice and the bad memories come flooding back. She leaves so quickly they don’t even realise she was there.”

Ronnie is struggling to shut out the memories of Archie sexually abusing her as a child, isn’t she?
“Ronnie looks at herself in the mirror and her demons have returned.”

How does Ronnie react when she hears Glenda slagging off Archie in The Vic?
“Glenda goes on about how Archie was an evil man and it’s too much for Ronnie. Hearing his name makes her panic and she flees back to Jack’s.”

Roxy goes after her and Ronnie finally opens up about the abuse…
“She tells Roxy what Archie did to her. She tells her that he raped her one night when she was 13. What she doesn’t realise is Glenda and Peggy have brought Jack back to the flat. She turns around and sees them… and they’ve heard every word.”

So, could the ghost of Archie stop the wedding we’ve all been waiting for?
“Ronnie’s happier with Jack in her life. He’s the only one she’s really opened up to. They’re soulmates.”

What about the return of Sam Mitchell who, word is, will be pregnant with Jack’s baby… Could that stop the wedding?
“To marry Jack and have his kids is what Ronnie’s always wanted. But she’s a character who seems destined never to be happy. She’s a tragic heroine. So, yes, the wedding could all go wrong…”

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