Samantha Womack: I love being back in EastEnders

EastEnders star Samantha Womack has said that she is loving being back in the soap, especially as it has given her the chance to show a different side to Ronnie Mitchell.

The actress left the soap in 2011 following a tough storyline in which Ronnie kidnapped Kat Moon’s baby son after her own child died of cot death.

And with the character having returned from a stint in prison Samantha said that Ronnie’s personality was altogether different.

“I’m playing a darker character now so it’s a bit weird coming at her from a different angle,” she explained, “but I hope people still love and understand why she did what she did.”

Samantha added that while it had been “strange” to return with a big storyline, her fellow castmates had helped her settle back in.

“They’re all my family, they genuinely are, and I love them all. Even when you’re dealing with a really difficult storyline and it feels weird and out of the normal, then that’s quite cool creatively. I’m embracing it,” she said.

However the actress added that it was strange to change aspects of her EastEnders alter ego which she had previously found so familiar.

“She’s taking on a new identity at the moment and that’s quite interesting because I played her for six or seven years, so she feels different now,” Samantha revealed.

“She’s dressing differently and speaking differently, it’s weird.”

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