Samantha Womack: Ronnie’s become a complete psychopath

EastEnders’ Samantha Womack has admitted that her character Ronnie Mitchell is not in a good place right now, describing her as a ‘complete psychopath’.

Speaking to the Mirror the actress – whose return to Albert Square has been an explosive one – revealed there was yet more drama to come in the aftermath of Carl White’s murder.

“Ronnie’s a ticking timebomb,” she said. “By rights she should be bound and gagged in a corner, quietly rocking and humming to herself. Ronnie is more dysfunctional than ever.”

And the actress pointed out that while Ronnie appeared to be ‘coping very well’ with recent events, it wouldn’t last for ever.

“Ronnie is clearly very damaged, but what has changed now is that she is covering it up much more,” Samantha said.

“She’s trying to convince herself that she’s on top of things – but at some point Ronnie’s going to come unstuck. After all, she’s not Hannibal Lecter!

Samantha added that her character’s change in personality had made returning to EastEnders a big challenge.

“She used to have such heart before, and she’s changed in such an unpalatable way, so it’s been a real departure,” she explained.

“So it has been challenging to play, but also rewarding.”




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