Former EastEnders actress Scarlett Alice Johnson has said that her latest role as a pregnant teenager in BBC3 comedy Pramface is a world away from her role as Vicki Fowler in EastEnders.

The 26-year-old trod similar territory in Albert Square when her character had to deal with pregnancy and her subsequent abortion – which spawned a huge reaction from viewers.

But in Pramface – which begins next week, she plays an 18-year-old who decides to keep her baby when she falls pregnant – and she said that the role is a very different one.

“I hadn’t really thought to compare the two but they are very different things. Pramface isn’t a kitchen sink drama, it’s definitely a comedy,” Scarlett said.

She added that she was left with some idea of what pregnancy feels like after spending time wearing prosthetics during filming.

“I had comedy bellies and comedy boobs – they grew and grew!” the actress revealed. “The last one I had to wear was just enormous. It was so heavy that I got backache.

“I was glad to take it off,” she added. “Pregnant women clearly don’t have that luxury.”